This Valentine’s Day, share your love of science!

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This Valentine’s Day, share your love of science!


February is fast approaching, and Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to share your love of science…with someone you love! Staff at the Ingenium Boutique have curated a list of cute-and-quirky gifts that are sure to spark your Valentine’s Day faster than a match to a Bunsen burner.  


6 perfectly geeky Valentine's gifts for museum lovers, young and old


    1. When your love is out of this world — Venus Celestial Buddies, $29.99
    2. A set of double helix earrings for your true match — DNA Twist Hoop Earrings, $16.99
    3. For the one you love to the moon and back — Concrete Aluminum Necklace, $59.99
    4. For the one who gets your heart pumping — Human Anatomy Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask, $49.99
    5. For the one you are just “plane” crazy about— Flying Fortress Navy Blue Skinny Tie, $54.99
    6. For the one you love irrationally — Golden Pi Tee Shirt, $29.99


Gifts this thoughtful need a card to match! We've selected these unique, science-themed cards for your better half   Cards starting at $4.99





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