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Celestial Buddies™ Plush Earth

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Celestial Buddies™ is an original line of plush characters each personifying a celestial body occupying our heavens.Age: About 4.53 billion years Weight: 1.317 x 1025 pounds Diameter: 7,900 miles Average Surface Temperature: 60 degrees Fahrenheit Average Distance from the Sun: 93.2 million miles Rotational Period: 24 hours Orbital Period: 365 days. Earth…is good natured and a true blue friend!Earth is our home and currently the only planet in the Universe where life is known to exist.I am home to millions of different forms of life including bacteria, animals, plants and you humans. At present I am the only place in the Universe where any kind of life, simple or complex, is known to exist. About 71% of my surface is covered with water, giving me my characteristic blue appearance from space. This presence and abundance of liquid water makes me unique compared to my planetary neighbors. Liquid water is a fundamental element for life to exist.

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