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Long Sleeve Shirt Avro Arrow

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Shop Exclusive Avro Arrow Clothing, Unique Long Sleeve shirt in Blue, Museum Archive Image of CF-105

100% cotton

  • First and last supersonic interceptor designed and built in Canada; developed between 1953 and 1959
  • Developed to counter jet-powered Soviet bombers that had potential to attack North America via the Canadian Arctic
  • Fitted with innovative technologies, including a fly-by-wire control system and a computerized control system that allowed the pilot to operate the aircraft electronically
  • Cancelled February 20, 1959 (known as "Black Friday"), a decision that remains controversial today
  • An icon of Canadian aviation history, it is featured in books, television programs, paintings and films
  • Drew international expertise to Canada with its U.K.-born chief engineer James C. Floyd and gifted Polish-born test pilot Janusz Zurakowski
  • First flight was on March 25th, 1958
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